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Why Choose Us?

The Tale of Our Beginning

Established in the 1920 as a chain of building supplies that followed the oil industry, our company was first known under the name Cross Lumber. It was in 1960, when World War II veteran Richard Altimus bought the yard that the city’s oldest existing business adopted our current name. Altimus, a well-known Avenal resident, closed out his successful Avenal Hardware on Kings Street to expand into the lumber, paint, and hardware business.


With the slowing of the oil boom in the 1970s, Altimus began to open as early as 5:00 AM to work on the budding industry of almond and pistachio orchard supplies. Warehouse room made way for agricultural supplies.


In the 1980s, Altimus’ daughter Julie Altimus Moran and son-in-law Ron Moran began working for the company. With their addition, we worked with the new industry of government business. This brought in computerization and an efficient bidding process for federal, state, city, and schools.


With the passing of Richard Altimus in 2004, Avenal Lumber & Hardware was bought out by Ron and Julie to continue on as an industrial supply, with the focus of bringing in sales from the diversified west side of the central San Joaquin Valley.

Meet Our Team of Experts

  • Ron Moran has over 30 years’ worth of knowledge on building and agricultural supplies to help you design and complete your project.

  • Ernie Aranda is trained in Stihl product repairs and has a fully stocked Stihl repair shop. He is able to track down and locate even the most hard to find parts and equipment.

  • Leo Soto has over 20 years of yard and garden supply knowledge. He can save you time and money on your building or landscape projects.